Events In Extropia


Extropia is a virtual-worlds community whose members share a common desire to build a positive, beautiful, empowering future for all.

The Board of Directors of Extropia espouses no ideology beyond a belief that humanity’s future can be improved through its own ingenuity. Extropia actively networks with other persons, organizations and communities in virtual worlds which share that belief.

We host a number of events every week, in addition to having social hangout spaces where you can usually find people to chat with. We’re home to several organizations, numerous businesses both small and large, and have an active and growing residential community. We welcome visitors and commercial inquiries at any time!

Find us in the Second Life (TM) world by clicking on this SLURL teleport link, if you have an account. Our main website is here. We’re on Twitter as “Extropia,” on Facebook as “Extropia,” on Flickr as “Extropia,” and on Eventful as “Extropia.


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