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Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon: Truthseeker Young

Next Saturday, April 18 at noon SLT, Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon hosts Extropia’s own Truthseeker Young!

truthytreeWe’ve turned our resident mad artist loose, and he’s created something truly extraordinary in Extropia Core for the upcoming Salon.  He’s described it modestly as “a tree,” but guests at Extropia’s Yuri’s Night party suspected it’s the love child of the Flying Spaghetti Monster andthe entire Hindu pantheon. Either way, it’s the creative centerpiece of next Saturday’s discussion, which promises to be wild!

Truthy, as kind and wise as he is brilliantly talented, will lead us through his creative visions, design process and more.

If you’re at all a fan of virtual worlds art, architecture and design, this is a can’t-miss event!

Truthseeker’s NPIRL interview

Truthseeker’s Flickr stream

SLURL for the Salon Room, Extropia Core


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Yuri’s Night 2009 in Extropia

yn_coverWe rocked the solar system again!

Special thanks to DJs Nicki Petrichor, GoSpeed Racer and Seven Shikami, for their hard work in custom Yuri’s Night dance sets!  Our four hour party was still going strong nine hours later, in true Extropia style!

We’ve got party photos up at Yuri’s Night 2009 in Extropia on Flickr, and crossposted to the Flickr group Events in Extropia: if you’ve got party photos, please add them!  Of course, photos are also up on our Facebook Page.

Next year, in Low Earth Orbit!

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