Events In Extropia

Kim Stanley Robinson

Science fiction legend Kim Stanely Robinson will be our guest for a special Saturday Salon on January 17.

250px-kim_stanley_robinson_2005Please join us in the Salon Room, Extropia Core at noon Second Life Time (PST)  for Stan’s first visit to Second Life, and an hour and a half of discussion.

Stan is the Hugo- and Nebula-award winning author of the Mars Trilogy (Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars), the “Science in the Capital” trilogy, and many more landmark novels.

Stan will be present as his avatar, Stan Shackleton, a coyote, in honor of the Native American legend which plays a prominent role in his Mars novels. robinson_avatar1

In addition to discussing his past and future work, we’ll also venture into the politics of science and techology, social justice and the environment, and many more fascinating and controversial issues.

Special thanks to Boc Cryotank (Stephen Euin Cobb) for arranging Stan’s visit. Please listen to Stan’s interview on The Future and You!

(Please also join us for our first Salon of the year- Thor Olof, of Avatars United, Saturday January 3 at noon!)


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