Events In Extropia

Solstice Party in New Extropia Region

Please join us this Sunday, December 21 for our second annual Solstice Party!  It may be the shortest day of the year, but it’s the longest party of the year!

We’ll be in the latest addition to the Extropia community, the Rising In Light facilities in Extropia Odyssey (SLURL).

Here’s the live DJ lineup for the day:anniversary26

10 am – 12 noon: GoSpeed Racer (classic rock)

12 noon – 2 pm:  Nicki Petrichor (ebm, electronica)

2 pm – 4 pm:  Vannesh Cannoli (classic rock)

4 pm  – 6 pm:  Seven Shikami (downtempo, the fun and strange)

6 pm – 8 pm: DJ keTchUp (indie new releases and old)

8 pm – 10 pm: DJColdFront Revolution (electronica)

Please join us to break in the new sim in Extropia style!

Rising In Light is a production of Orion’s Arm, a tenant in Extropia:

“… Orion’s Arm is a work in progress, a space opera setting like no other. It spans the next ten thousand years of galactic history, from the near future of interplanetary colonization to the far future where the galaxy is ruled by vast ascended intelligences. It incorporates hard science, and the “soft” or social sciences, as well as mythological and archetypal themes, as the gods of the collective psyche incarnate in unforeseen new forms. “
The Orion’s Arm Universe Project is a shared-universe, collaborative effort to imagine what life will be like in the far future. We share ideas for entities, technologies, ways in which humanity will evolve, ways in which our mind children will evolve. we vet them against the best scientific knowledge to be had today. Then we post them to our website’s Encuclopedia Galactica ( ), we write stories set in the universe and share them, at places like Voices/Future Tense ( )…
and now we’re sharing here, at Extropia Odyssey , in a spacious orbital habitat.
Welcome to a vision of what might be our future… just a little past the “possible”.
Welcome to Orion’s Arm.

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