Events In Extropia

Halloween in Extropia

Last night marked another legendary Extropia party in Club Suncrown!  DJ Seven Shikami and and DJ GoSpeed Racer rocked us for four hours, packing the house with old friends and new.

Our costume contest winners:

Best Human Costume, round one: Ali Hermes, “Space Chick;” Sophrosyne Stenvaag, “Sophrosyne Tudor;” Meissa Thorne, “Clockwork”

(apologies for not having a good photo of Meissa)

Best Non-Human Costume, round one: Seven Shikami, “Dark & Spooky Masked Entity”

Best Human Costume, round two: Argent Bury, “Sophrosyne Stenvaag”

Best Non-Human Costume, round two: Chestnut Rau, “Translucent Mystery;” Deebrane String, “Fire”

A special award for “Needs A Unicorn Chaser” to Harper Beresford for granny pole dancing on the camping cross!

And another special award for brain-breakage (if we do say so ourselves) to Argent Bury for her razor-sharp parody of Sophrosyne Stenvaag, and to Soph for stoically impersonating Argent!

Catch all the photos on Extropia’s Facebook page or Soph’s Flickr.

Next party: Extropia’s Anniversary Bash, November 11, all day!


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