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Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon: Thor Olof, Avatars United

Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon for January will feature Thor Olof, founder of Avatars United, a social networking site for avatars and Digital People.

Join us January 3 at noon SLT in the Salon Room, Central Nexus, Extropia Core.

au-logoAvatars United (AU) is a community website bringing virtual characters from all online worlds together. The project is built in recognition of the fact that strong bonds and close friendships actually can be tied within virtual spaces.

AU has furthermore gone one step further in recognizing virtual personas as personas in their own right by building a community for avatars only. Anyone involved in any type of virtual world is familiar with addressing people using their avatar names even after having gotten to know them.

With tools to communicate with, find and track old virtual friends and share experiences from virtual realms AU wishes to stand out as a community highlighting the social aspect of life within virtual worlds.

Thor will discuss the business of social networking, the company’s philosophy, and digital identity across platforms and worlds. Please join us for a fascinating discussion, and join the Extropia group on Avatars United!


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Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon Returns: Mitch Wagner

December 6 will mark the return of Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon as a monthly event, at noon SLT on the first Saturday of every month, as always in the Salon Room, Central Nexus, Extropia Core.

mitch-wagnerOur first guest of the new Salon era will be Information Week’s Mitch Wagner (Mitch Wagner in SL), for a wide-ranging discussion of technology and its social impact, beginning with an analysis of America’s new wired Presidency.

Mitch is a leader of InformationWeek‘s social networking and community strategy. He writes about Apple, social media and Web 2.0. In addition to writing, Mitch podcasts, creates Internet videos, and is one of a team overseeing newsletters for InformationWeek. He was previously a reporter and editor for InternetWeek, Computerworld, Open Systems Today, and the New Jersey Herald.

His recent articles are available here, and don’t miss his recent “Is it Adultery if the Sex Happens in Second Life?

Please join us on December 6 for a dynamic discussion with one of SL’s smartest analysts!

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Extropia’s First Anniversary

Extropia celebrated its first year on the grid in traditional style, with a blowout dance party!

anniversary26For six hours we filled the sim to capacity, rocking out to DJs GoSpeed Racer (GoSpeed, you saved our lives! We owe you bigtime!), Seven (“It’s Not an Extropia Party Without Him”) Shikami, and our awe-inspiring late night delight, DJColdFront Revolution.

The party was a wonderful chance for the Board to say “thank you” to the Citizens and friends who’ve built our community from one very bare grid of floating hexagons to a six-sim architectural marvel and thriving community of terrific people.

While we’re about to contract down to three sims, thanks to Linden Lab’s openspace pricing changes, our second year will bring more and better gorgeous futuristic design, a renewed calendar of quality events – and of course, plenty of parties!

Stay tuned for notice of a sim tear-down party, and mark your calendars for the Solstice Gender Freedom Day 12-hour bash, December 21!

Lots more party photos on Soph’s Flickr account, and on Boc Cryotank’s as well!

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Gender Freedom Day planning session 2

Interested in running or helping out with an event for Gender Freedom Day on December 21?

planning2Come join us in the Salon Room in Extropia, noon this Saturday, November 8, to plan and coordinate grid-wide events!

We’re particularly working for a nonprofit group working in the field of gender/sexual orientation freedom and civil rights that’s active in SL to work with us, and to be the beneficiary of our 12 hour fundraiser dance party.

If you’re affiliated with a group, or know of a group, who might be interested in sponsoring activities that day, and in getting some $Linden love in return, please post a comment with the group name *and a contact person*

So far, we’ve had a complete failure of response from the organizations we’ve contacted. We’re hoping that’s a shortcoming of our network, and not a sign of lack of commitment to fight discrimination in digital worlds.

Let’s get that turned around, get some good support from established activists, and put on a terrific day of positive, high-visibility events celebrating diversity in SL and other digital worlds!

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Halloween in Extropia

Last night marked another legendary Extropia party in Club Suncrown!  DJ Seven Shikami and and DJ GoSpeed Racer rocked us for four hours, packing the house with old friends and new.

Our costume contest winners:

Best Human Costume, round one: Ali Hermes, “Space Chick;” Sophrosyne Stenvaag, “Sophrosyne Tudor;” Meissa Thorne, “Clockwork”

(apologies for not having a good photo of Meissa)

Best Non-Human Costume, round one: Seven Shikami, “Dark & Spooky Masked Entity”

Best Human Costume, round two: Argent Bury, “Sophrosyne Stenvaag”

Best Non-Human Costume, round two: Chestnut Rau, “Translucent Mystery;” Deebrane String, “Fire”

A special award for “Needs A Unicorn Chaser” to Harper Beresford for granny pole dancing on the camping cross!

And another special award for brain-breakage (if we do say so ourselves) to Argent Bury for her razor-sharp parody of Sophrosyne Stenvaag, and to Soph for stoically impersonating Argent!

Catch all the photos on Extropia’s Facebook page or Soph’s Flickr.

Next party: Extropia’s Anniversary Bash, November 11, all day!

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