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Gender Freedom Day Planning Session

Yesterday we held an open planning meeting for gender-freedom related issues in the Salon Room. Over 25 people showed up for a two-hour discussion of gender and sexual orientation issues in SL and how best to address them.

Here’s the full transcript, thanks to Peer Infinity.

We settled by consensus on the following:

  • On the Solstice, Sunday, December 21, we’ll encourage a set of small events across the grid, anchored by the 12-hour Extropia Solstice Party, which will have a gender-freedom theme.
  • Open planning meeting in the Salon Room on November 8 at noon in the Salon Room, Extropia Core. Planning teams will coalesce around various activities on the Solstice and before then.

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Gender Freedom Day postponed

With much regret, we’ve just notified our committed speakers that Gender Freedom Day in Digital Worlds, scheduled for this Saturday, October 25, will be postponed indefinitely.

While the cause received tremendous support, the event hasn’t: an economic collapse, pending US elections, and a short time frame seem to have prevented us from filling out the day’s schedule.

Extropia’s Director of Events and Marketing, Soph Stenvaag, also takes responsibility for not putting in enough time to develop and promote the event, as it became difficult getting speakers and DJs for the date.

At noon on Saturday, Soph will be in the Salon Room in Extropia Core to discuss digital gender issues and to brainstorm how best to promote gender freedom and combat harrassment and discrimination in digital worlds. You’re all welcome to come by and join the disucssion, and together we’ll figure out how best to proceed.

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