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Gender Freedom Day in Digital Worlds

October 25 is Gender Freedom Day in Digital Worlds!

Come celebrate in Extropia, the nexus for events throughout Second Life and across other worlds!

Digital worlds allow unique opportunities to express and experiment with gender and sexuality, but that freedom has spawned a backlash of harrassment, hostility and hate speech that in some communities has become the norm. Please join us for a serious look at the issues surrounding gender and sexual expression, and a free, fun and fabulous fundraising fiesta celebrating digital diversity in disparate dimensions!

Extropia will host a signature day-long dance party in Club Suncrown to raise funds for organizations active in promoting freedom of gender and sexual expression in digital worlds, seeded by a $L125,000 donation from Extropia’s Sophrosyne Stenvaang.

We’ll also feature a series of speakers, panel discussions and open forums on gender and sexuality issues on Friday, October 24 as well as on Gender Freedom Day in Digital Worlds, October 25.  Tom Boellstorff (Tom Bukowski), author of Coming of Age in Virtual Worlds, has already signed on to discuss his previous work in Indonesia, comparing the construction of gay and lesbian identity in that populous Muslim nation with issues of homosexuality and homophobia in digital worlds.

There’s much more to come!  Anyone interested in presenting a talk, developing a creative/artistic/multimedia installation, DJing, designing graphics or contributing in some other way can post here, email the Board of Directors of Extropia at extropia (dot) board (at) gmail (dot) com, or send a notecard (no IMs, please!) to Sophrosyne Stenvaag inworld.

Soph will be available in Extropia from 3-5 pm this Friday, Saturday and Sunday for brainstorming and event planning: meet her in the Salon Room, Central Nexus, Extropia Core if you’d like to help!

We’re also happy to provide logistical and publicity support to anyone in any digital world interested in running their own events on Gender Freedom Day in Digital Worlds – we’re here to make the day a big, splashy success, so please feel free to call on us!


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