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Club Suncrown and the Diversionarium Open!

Our first event of the Fall was a smash!

One of our smaller parties, it ran more than 9 hours, featured 3 live DJs, and brought in nearly a hundred people, with 18-25 on the floor all the way through.

Old friends and new came to open the Diversionarium (the social-gaming and conversation spot founded by Kate Amdahl) with spirited discussion, absinthe and the pillow pile.

Then we moved upstairs to Club Suncrown (our new dance club) and danced for the Horde to welcome Ambassador Singularitea Skytower, and representatives of the Metaverse Explorers Guild (Arathor server, Horde side, World of Warcraft).

Special thanks go out to our amazing DJs: GoSpeed Racer, Alexander Burgess of Clockwork, and Seven Shikami – they’re just the best, and please go seek out their live shows!

We’re building up our party muscle, getting in training for our upcoming anniversary on November 11 and second annual 12 hour Solstice Bash the following month!

We’re also looking to add regular events in both the Diversionarium and Club Suncrown, so keep an eye on this space and on our calendar for much more to come!

Photo album here, with complete photos on our Facebook Page as well!


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  1. it sounds like you all had a wonderful time! i’m so jealous coz i haven’t been there yet! grr… one of these days, i’m definitely coming!

    Comment by dance music online | September 24, 2008 | Reply

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