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Gender Freedom Day in Digital Worlds

October 25 is Gender Freedom Day in Digital Worlds!

Come celebrate in Extropia, the nexus for events throughout Second Life and across other worlds!

Digital worlds allow unique opportunities to express and experiment with gender and sexuality, but that freedom has spawned a backlash of harrassment, hostility and hate speech that in some communities has become the norm. Please join us for a serious look at the issues surrounding gender and sexual expression, and a free, fun and fabulous fundraising fiesta celebrating digital diversity in disparate dimensions!

Extropia will host a signature day-long dance party in Club Suncrown to raise funds for organizations active in promoting freedom of gender and sexual expression in digital worlds, seeded by a $L125,000 donation from Extropia’s Sophrosyne Stenvaang.

We’ll also feature a series of speakers, panel discussions and open forums on gender and sexuality issues on Friday, October 24 as well as on Gender Freedom Day in Digital Worlds, October 25.  Tom Boellstorff (Tom Bukowski), author of Coming of Age in Virtual Worlds, has already signed on to discuss his previous work in Indonesia, comparing the construction of gay and lesbian identity in that populous Muslim nation with issues of homosexuality and homophobia in digital worlds.

There’s much more to come!  Anyone interested in presenting a talk, developing a creative/artistic/multimedia installation, DJing, designing graphics or contributing in some other way can post here, email the Board of Directors of Extropia at extropia (dot) board (at) gmail (dot) com, or send a notecard (no IMs, please!) to Sophrosyne Stenvaag inworld.

Soph will be available in Extropia from 3-5 pm this Friday, Saturday and Sunday for brainstorming and event planning: meet her in the Salon Room, Central Nexus, Extropia Core if you’d like to help!

We’re also happy to provide logistical and publicity support to anyone in any digital world interested in running their own events on Gender Freedom Day in Digital Worlds – we’re here to make the day a big, splashy success, so please feel free to call on us!


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Club Suncrown and the Diversionarium Open!

Our first event of the Fall was a smash!

One of our smaller parties, it ran more than 9 hours, featured 3 live DJs, and brought in nearly a hundred people, with 18-25 on the floor all the way through.

Old friends and new came to open the Diversionarium (the social-gaming and conversation spot founded by Kate Amdahl) with spirited discussion, absinthe and the pillow pile.

Then we moved upstairs to Club Suncrown (our new dance club) and danced for the Horde to welcome Ambassador Singularitea Skytower, and representatives of the Metaverse Explorers Guild (Arathor server, Horde side, World of Warcraft).

Special thanks go out to our amazing DJs: GoSpeed Racer, Alexander Burgess of Clockwork, and Seven Shikami – they’re just the best, and please go seek out their live shows!

We’re building up our party muscle, getting in training for our upcoming anniversary on November 11 and second annual 12 hour Solstice Bash the following month!

We’re also looking to add regular events in both the Diversionarium and Club Suncrown, so keep an eye on this space and on our calendar for much more to come!

Photo album here, with complete photos on our Facebook Page as well!

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Extropia Parties With the Horde!

Come celebrate with us on Saturday, September 13 as we welcome the Horde from Azeroth to Extropia!

We’ll officially welcome Horde Ambassador Singularitea Skytower, as she opens her new facilities on Sen’jin Island, due east of Extropia Core. The party will run all day and all night, in good Extropia and Horde style, with live DJs from 2pm to 10 pm, special retail grand opening promotions, fishing and surfing tournaments with cash prizes, and much much more!

We expect Ambassador Skytower to announce upcoming joint events, live in Extropia and Azeroth, and to set out her vision for collaboration between the futurists of Extropia and the warriors of the Horde. Her speech will kick off the dance party at 2pm.

Her outpost on Sen’jin Island will be home to a huge and expanding entertainment complex, the Blood & Thunder Beach Club. B&T will include a yacht basin, a world-class surfing beach, fishing, SCUBA diving, a beachfront bar, and a terrific selection of beachwear and surfing retailers!

The crown jewel of Sen’jin, though, will be Club Suncrown and the Diversionarium, sharing a Blood Elf-designed complex atop Suncrown Mesa.

Club Suncrown will offer an expanding array of regular DJ events, specializing in world music, but including the best of alternative new releases, trance and electronica, as well as rock classics.

The Diversionarium is the long-awaited return of SL’s premier social club for the smart set, featuring social games, improvisation theater, and hosted nights of fun and conversation.

Blood & Thunder, Club Suncrown and Diversionarium events will all be listed on the Extropia Google Calendar, so please subscribe today!

Horde Embassy Party, Saturday September 13

12 noon SLT: Diversionarium grand opening

2 PM SLT:  Welcoming remarks by Ambassador Skytower

2-4 PM SLT: DJ GoSpeed Racer: cosmopolitan rock of the 80s and beyond

4-6 PM SLT: DJ keTChuP: alternative new releases, eclectic alternative

6-8 PM SLT: DJ Seven Shikami: rock history with a fun twist

6-8 PM SLT: pending confirmation

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