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Charlie Stross Packs the House!

Brought to us courtesy of Delos Books, Charles Stross drew a crowd of 74 yesterday in the Salon Room of the Central Nexus, Extropia Core.

The event was as smooth as can be, free of incident, and with an informed, enthusiastic audience who kept Charlie peppered with questions throughout the session – without even queue jumpers, as we debuted a new scripted queue system!

Unfortunately, it seems that no one got a closeup photo of Charlie’s avatar, Autopope Writer.

An edited text of the questions and Charlie’s comments is available here, with the complete chatlog here.


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Charles Stross Comes To Extropia!

Award-winning novelist Charles Stross will be our guest at Sophrosyne’s Special Salon, Saturday, June 21, from 1-2:30 pm SLT, in the Salon Room, Central Nexus at Extropia Core, Second Life (

(New to Second Life?  With the Second Life client installed, and an account set up, click on the link above to teleport to the lobby of our conference facilities)

Charlie will discuss the Singluarity in fiction, cutting-edge technologies, his Hugo-Award finalist novel Halting State, about virtual worlds and augmented reality, and his upcoming novel Saturn’s Children.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Stross published some role-playing game articles for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in the White Dwarf magazine. Some of his creatures, such as the death knight, githyanki (borrowed from George R. R. Martin‘s book, Dying of the Light), githzerai, and slaad (a chaotic race notable for their rigid caste system) were later published in the Fiend Folio monster compendium.

His first published short story, “The Boys”, appeared in Interzone in 1987. His first novel, Singularity Sky was published by Ace Books in 2003 and was nominated for the Hugo Award. A collection of his short stories, Toast: And Other Rusted Futures appeared in 2002. Subsequent short stories have been nominated for the Hugo Award, Nebula Award, and other awards. His novella “The Concrete Jungle” (available online) won the Hugo award for its category in 2005. His novel Accelerando (also available online) won the 2006 Locus Award for best science fiction novel, was a finalist for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for the year’s best science fiction novel, and was on the final ballot for the Hugo Award in the best novel category. Glasshouse won the 2007 Prometheus Award and was on the final ballot for the Hugo Award in the best novel category. His novella Missile Gap (likewise available online) won the 2007 Locus Award for best novella and most recently he was awarded the Edward E. Smith Memorial Award or Skylark at Boskone 2008.

In addition to working as a writer of fiction he has worked as a technical author, freelance journalist, programmer, and pharmacist at different times. He holds degrees in Pharmacy and Computer Science.

Charlie comes to us courtesy of Delos Books, an Italian publishing house devoted mainly to Science Fiction.Since its creation, it has published many Hugo and Nebula Award winning authors,including Greg Egan, HarryHarrison, Frederik Pohl, Robert J. Sawyer and, recently, Charles Stross. In 2007, its SF magazine “Robot” won the European ScienceFiction Society (ESFS) Award for best magazine.

Delos Books is also very active on the Internet: it runs the leading Italian SF website,, and its Delos Science Fiction Magazine (ESFS Award in 1999, and one of the first web magazines ever, online since 1994) isthe leading SF magazine in Italy.

Since May 2007, Eliver Delphin runs Delos BookClub in Second Life, a meeting place for SF readers and authors, where to discuss culture, literature and art.

Delos BookClub is in Amberaldus (218,242,80)

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Conference Concludes Successfully

The two-day conference, The Future of Religions/Religions of the Future concluded Thursday afternoon. Eleven presenteds provided fascinating material for a robust discussion, which drew approximately 60 people on the first day and 30 the second. Presentations ranged from concrete discussions of the creation of religious facilities in Second Life, to a mixed-media improvisational performance, to an announcement of a new organization seeking inspiration through advanced technology.

DJs Nicki Petrichor and Cynthia Wilder concluded the sessions with their signature mixes of electronica and contemporary Middle Eastern music, allowing the discussion to continue in a more relaxed environment.

We at Extropia would like to express our deepest gratitude to our DJs for providing ritual and fun as a conference element; to presenters, for the quality of their work and their cheerful cooperation; to our attendees for contributing to a fascinating, safe and civil event; and especially to our partners in The Al-Andalus Project for their hard work in ensuring the conference’s success.

Full edited chatlogs of the entire event, along with the presenters’ text or slides where available, will be up on the conference website within a few days.

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