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William Sims Bainbridge to Keynote Religion Conference

Extropia co-hosted conference The Future of Religions/Religions of the Future will feature a keynote address by William Sims Bainbridge of the US National Science Foundation. We are proud to welcome Dr. Bainbridge, a prolific author on religion, converging technologies and virutal worlds, and host of the upcoming conference Convergence of the Real and the Virtual: The First Scientific Conference in World of Warcraft.

William Sims Bainbridge Ph.D. is a prolific and influential sociologist of religion, science and popular culture. Dr. Bainbridge serves as co-director of Human-Centered Computing at the NSF and has recently taught sociology and computational social science at George Mason University. In 1976 he published his first book The Spaceflight Revolution, which examined the push for space exploration in the 1960s. He then went on to publish Satan’s Power, which described several years of infiltration of the Process Church, a religious cult related to Scientology. In the last thirty years, Bainbridge has published more than a dozen more books dealing with space, religion, and psychology. Dr. Bainbridge’s long-standing interest in “personality capture,” using extensive personality surveys to record individual personalities in software, is reflected in works such as Experiments in Psychology (1986) which included cutting-edge psychology experimentation software written by Bainbridge.

Dr. Bainbridge was instrumental in creating the NBIC Converging Technologies program, and in producing its widely read reports:

Dr. Bainbridge’s two most recent books are God from the Machine (2006) and The Secular Abyss (2007). Dr. Bainbridge has published over 200 articles and essays for various journals and encyclopedias.


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