Events In Extropia

Sophrosyne’s SUNDAY Salon: Robert J. Sawyer!

What an incredible event!

SF Writer (Robert J. Sawyer) was so kind as to join us for nearly three hours of intense conversation today! We drew a decent crowd for our unusual timeslot, 33 people, all of whom were talking at once at some points! The crowd enthusiasm was great, and SF jumped right in for a spirited discussion of transhumanism and its discontents. Religion, elitism, uploading, the singularity, American and Canadian cultural differences – we hit it all in a cheerful and vigorous discussion.

A full transcript is available here.

After the Salon, SF stayed to join the Extropia Book Club for a discussion of his Hugo Award-nominated novel Rollback. We had if anything an even better time in this small venue. It was the treat of a lifetime for many of us to sit and chat with such a gifted novelist. It was hard to let him go, and we kept him till the point of exhaustion, I’m afraid.

SF is adorable, generous, terrifically funny, and just a natural fit in Extropia.

While we wish all the other excellent nominees well, if Rollback wins the Hugo at the World Science Fiction Convention this August, we hope SF will come back for the absolute blowout party we’ll throw in his honor!

Very special thanks to Boc Cryotank (Stephen Euin Cobb, of the podcast The Future and You) for all his work in arranging SF’s visit!


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