Events In Extropia

Yuri’s Night Updates

DJ Nicki Petrichor anchors Extropia’s Space Party!

We’re still finalizing the DJ lineup for Yuri’s Night, but our all-day party will be anchored by Extropia’s good friend, DJ Nicki Petrichor! Nicki was on the decks for Extropia’s Grand Opening last November 11, playing our national anthem (:45 of modem sounds
!) and mixing the world’s finest electronica.

She’ll be back for Yuri’s Night with a very special set of Russian and space-themed electronica, electro body music and more! Nicki’s a huge space fan, and she’s going to rock this set like never before!

Catch Nicki every Friday afternoon SLT for Carpe Electro, her set at Club Reactor, and tune in any time on the web to Reactor Radio for the finest in progressive electronic music!

Second Skies Hosts Dogfighting, Flight Demos!

Extropia proudly hosts a Second Life legend, Gaius Goodliffe’s Second Skies, the premier home of aerospace craft and combat! Based in Extropia’s Skies of Tomorrow region, on Yuri’s Night, Gauis will host an open air combat game – fly, dodge and fight across Extropia’s six sims (400,000 square kilometers!) of open skies!

Aircraft and airships will be available for touring and purchase – fill our skies with silvered zeppelins! And, Soviet spacecraft and boosters will be around for your inspection.

Be sure to visit Gaius’s facilities in Low Earth Orbit in Extropia Core, for the best views this side of the International Space Station!


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