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Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon: Dizzy Banjo

Please join us next Saturday, January 26, from 1-3pm SLT at The Nexus in Extropia Core for Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon! Our Salon Spotlight Guest will be Dizzy Banjo, discussing his work on groundbreaking metaverse multimedia installations, including DynaFleur and the newly-debuted Parsec.

Dizzy is the principal of Dizzy Banjo Music and Sound, a mixed reality music company, primarily based in London but working throughout the metaverse. They provide bespoke original music, audio branding, audio logos and sound design.

DynaFleur presents the almost abstract close-up floral photography of Douglas Story in a very unusual way. The monumental and colorful installation is cradled by a specially commissioned landscape created by Poid Mahovlich. As you walk (and fall) through it, you are immersed in the densely layered sound design of Dizzy Banjo which is tailored to accompany the movements of the elements of the piece that surround you, all of them moving and changing in response to your presence.

Parsec is a fusion of scripting, architecture and sound, in which participants animate spheres and generate music by speaking or singing on the Voice channel, creating a collaborative visual and auditory experience within a surreal spherical space.

Dizzy’s work includes some of the most innovative uses of music and sound in the Metaverse, and this Salon is sure to be spectacular!

Video by Hamlet Au/New World Notes:


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