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Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon: SLang Life Magazine

ur first Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon of 2008 packed the house, with well over 40 people in attendance, and a peak concurrency of 39. Salon Spotlight Guests included Cezary Fish, Uzi Boa and Mallory Beresford of SL’ang Life, the first print magazine devoted to Second Life.

We had a lot of tough questions for the SL’ang Life team, and they bore up with good cheer.  It was an enlightening event, and I was gald to see it drew one of our larger crowds.

We ended a little early, with everyone mentally exhausted and ready for the traditonal Salon afterparty – this time with extra beer and zero g dancing!

Hugs to iAlja Writer, absent for the first time in memory, stuck on some atomic couch with IYan’s (no doubt delicious!) chicken soup. Get well soon – it’s not a Salon without you!

SLang Life Magazine Salon SLang Life Magazine Salon
SLang Life packs the house! SLang Life packs the house!
zero g dance party! zero g dance party!

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  1. I just figured out that this is an article about a virtual world.

    I will be checking your site out the later, seems like second life but… more mature.

    Comment by Gaithersburg Salon | August 21, 2008 | Reply

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