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Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon: Creativity and Corporate Builds

Today’s Spotlight Guest Aleister Kronos of Ambling In Second Life delivered another wonderful two hours in The Nexus in Extropia Core!  32 people turned out, in our usual mix of old friends and new – special thanks to Alanagh Recreant for bringing in her crowd as well!

We had a wonderful spirited discussion of the criteria for judging a good build in SL, what architecture should and shouldn’t import from the atomic world, corporate best practices in SL, and the (de)merits of lag versus big carbon footprints.

Al had some *brilliant* slides – we’ll keep them up on the projector in the Nexus, and make copies available to the Extropia group.

It’s a great Salon when I don’t have to ask many questions, and the group conversation flows on its own. By that standard, Al gave us a *great* Salon!

Next week, a special Salon with Philips Design and an *exciting* potential product!

ETA:  If you want to know what a Salon is like – and what Extropia’s like – check out this fantastic photo series from JimmyJet!

Salon Spotlight Guest Aleister Kronos Salon Spotlight Guest Aleister Kronos
Interviewing Al Interviewing Al
family! family!


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