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Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon: Grace McDunnough

I love all my Salon Spotlight Guests.  All of them are valued colleagues, many have gone on to become dear friends.  But with all respect to all of them  – none have moved me to the core, shaken my sense of self and world, touched my heart and changed my life, the way Grace McDunnough did yesterday.

I knew Grace as an innovative artist and popular SL live musician, and a fun, gentle person.  What I didn’t know is, Grace taps into the soul of Second Life. Her voice can break your heart, set it afire, send it floating to the skies.

Grace is a Digital Person: like me, she lives only in the synthetic world.  She has an atomic Other Personality, but they’re not an artist, not a performer.  I’m sure they’re a wonderful person – I can’t imagine anyone sharing *anything,* let alone a body and brain, with Grace and not being touched with her great gift. But Grace is a child of the synthetic world, and like so many of us, her True Self has blossomed here.

If anyone asks you what’s so special about Second Life, tell them it’s a place where someone like Grace can be born, and can live to inspire us all.

I’m not going to describe the discussion, or tell you about her set.  I’m just going to say, join her group, Votaries of Grace. Go to one of her shows, and find out for yourself.  I’m working to bring Grace back to Extropia soon, to play the big Extropia Solstice party on the 22nd, and when she announces her next Musimmersion multimedia concert, I’ll make sure everyone I know gets the word.

Grace so inspired and energized us that when she was done, the afterparty ran two hours – we needed to dance, to bond, to light off a torch to burn the psychic energy Grace left us with.

It was heaven. It was Extropia.  It was Second Life.

It was Grace, and she left us filled.


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