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Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon: SL Africa

Yesterday’s Spotlight Guest, Alanagh Recreant of Uthango/SL Africa was every bit as terrific as I expected at yesterday’s Salon!

Alanagh *gets* the digital world in a way almost no NGOs and few corporations do: hearing about her avid embracing of Second Life as a connection between Africans and digital residents was one of the most inspiring stories I’ve ever heard.  SL Africa (SL group “Second Life Africa”) and Uthango Social Investments are doing wonderful work, including selling authentic African bikes in SL to raise funds for bikes for Africans, and providing opportunities for volunteering in both worlds.  Alanagh shared her vision of a netwoked future in which Africans are active, essential participants in global dialogue, using new technologies to leapfrog to the forefront of development.

We drew 30 people, half regulars and half new, with a peak concurrency of 18.  Oddly, we had a bunch of very very new people come right at the beginning who didn’t stay long, and another crew right at the end – timezone issues? (I need to get my dear

a timezone calculator – she showed up at 7pm!)  My spamming of a zillion social networking sites paid off – Aleister Kronos, author of one of my favorite blogs, Ambling in Second Life, came by in response to my announcement on Virtual Worlds Connect. We hit it off like whoa, and did all the Twitter/Facebook/blog connecting.  Aleister’s going to be a Salon Spotlight Guest in a couple weeks, and has already given us some very nice coverage!

Alanagh stayed for the afterparty and some wonderful conversation, with many mooshy things said all around!  🙂

Next week: Grace McDunnogh on multimedia musical experiences in SL, and a live concert!  Details tomorrow!


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