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Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon: Islamic Law & Culture in SL

Our first Salon in Extropia was another huge hit!

Aemilius Cloetens (Michel Manen) gave us deep background on the history and culture of the original Al-Andalus, which has inspired his recreation of the community in SL through the Al-Andalus Project, then cheerfully joined in a spirited, direct and always respectful discussion of Islamic law and culture, the separation of church and state, cultural imperialism and authenticity, and much more.

I’ve never been prouder or more impressed by our wonderful Salon audiences – the quality of the discussion, the mutual respect, the breadth of knowledge is just unmatched anywhere in SL. We drew 33 people, more than a third first-timers, and everyone including Aemilius had a terrific experience.

Except for our griefer, DameJuday Dench, who was swiftly evicted by our fearless Chair,


The text of Michel’s introductory remarks is available on my Extropia blog! Now that we have a place to house them on the Extropia website, we’re going to start making full transcripts of the Salons available as well.


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