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Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon: Islamic Law & Community in SL

Join us Saturday, November 17, from 1-3 PM SLT at our new location in Extropia Core!

Spotlight Guest Michel Manen of The Al-Andalus Caliphate Project will discuss his efforts to build an inclusive Islamic community in Second Life.

“The Al-Andalus Caliphate Project is an attempt to reconstruct 13th
Century Moor Alhambra and build around this virtual space a community
of individuals willing to explore the modalities of interaction
between different languages, nationalities, religions and cultures
shaped by authentic Islamic principles.

Those principles include political participation, separation of
powers, justice and the rule of law. Membership in the community is
open to all, regardless of sim land ownership, SL premium status,
species of avatar, gender, religion, national origin, sexual
orientation or other traditionally separatist classification, either
real or apparent. The plan is to create a system of political and
legal governance, based on notions of community self-governance,
active citizen participation, equality, dignity, social justice,
democracy and human rights. Idealistic? Absolutely. Possible? Let’s
find out.”

Michel Manen – Biographical Details

Languages spoken: English, French, German, Spanish, Romanian

RL Qualifications: BA (hons) Politics and Languages; LL.B; work on
LL.M(International Legal Studies)

RL Occupation: Teaches business law courses to undergraduate and
MBA university students; works with a law firm; founded and runs an RL
nonprofit organization whose aim is to re-think what it means to be an
active citizen in the 21st Century, in Canada , USA , and the EU
actively involved in community work through his membership in his
city’s Board of Trade; writes books and articles on law and politics;
appears regularly as a television political commentator on the
Multicultural Channel of his home city.

Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon is:

  • a weekly discussion event held in the community of Extropia, in which all are encouraged to join in discussion with the Spotlight Guest on a topic of broad interest.
  • All views are welcome, while tolerance and civility are strictly enforced.

Extropia is an:

  • exemplar of the future we want, *today,* where technology is used exuberantly in the service of beauty and fun,
  • exaltation of exquisite design, where exotic experimentation is ever expected,
  • exhilarating haven for creative expression – in architecture, social relations, sexuality, artistic and technological media,
  • exclusive shelter from the mass and the crass, with the best technical and social protections from griefing, harassment and vulgarity,
  • execration of extinct ideas and aesthetics, exemplified by consumerism, control and post-apocalyptic nihilism, and an
  • experiential community of collaboration and cooperation, with events and exhibitions to expand our social networks and explore the power of creative synthesis.
  • SLURL: Extropia Core

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