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Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon: The Future of SL Music

Please join us this Saturday, December 1 from 1-3pm SLT at The Nexus in Extropia Core for a *very* special Salon! Spotlight Guest Grace McDunnough will lead a discussion of music and multimedia, then perform a live concert of her own alternative/soul/blues hits!

Grace is the creator of Musimmersion, an SL scripting system allowing performers to create custom-made 3D environments morphing to match every song in a set – in effect, creating music video worlds for real-time audience immersion. New World Notes says that “Musimmersion offers some great insights into what the future of music in a virtual space might look like,” while the Metaverse Messenger says, “Grace has taken us beyond a recreation of reality or fantasy into a multi-sensory experience that compares with nothing I have seen here as yet.” Grace will discuss the creation and use of Musimmersion, new trends in music multimedia, and the future of music in synthetic worlds.

Grace is an independent singer/songwriter from Atlanta, GA. She draws her inspiration from an eclectic mix of folk, soul, alternative rock and blues, and from singer-songwriters such as Damien Rice, k. d. lang, Joan Armatrading and KT Tunstall, yet her music defies categorization. Grace began performing live music in the virtual world of Second Life in 2006 where she still performs regularly around the grid.

An entertainer and modern bard with heart and soul to spare, Grace throws down a variety of acoustic sets with an old guitar, rich lyrics and powerfully raw vocals for a growing international fan base.

Grace’s music sites:

Grace’s in-world group: Votaries’ of Grace

Visit Grace’s blog – perspectives & adventures in SL here:


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Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon: SL Africa

Yesterday’s Spotlight Guest, Alanagh Recreant of Uthango/SL Africa was every bit as terrific as I expected at yesterday’s Salon!

Alanagh *gets* the digital world in a way almost no NGOs and few corporations do: hearing about her avid embracing of Second Life as a connection between Africans and digital residents was one of the most inspiring stories I’ve ever heard.  SL Africa (SL group “Second Life Africa”) and Uthango Social Investments are doing wonderful work, including selling authentic African bikes in SL to raise funds for bikes for Africans, and providing opportunities for volunteering in both worlds.  Alanagh shared her vision of a netwoked future in which Africans are active, essential participants in global dialogue, using new technologies to leapfrog to the forefront of development.

We drew 30 people, half regulars and half new, with a peak concurrency of 18.  Oddly, we had a bunch of very very new people come right at the beginning who didn’t stay long, and another crew right at the end – timezone issues? (I need to get my dear

a timezone calculator – she showed up at 7pm!)  My spamming of a zillion social networking sites paid off – Aleister Kronos, author of one of my favorite blogs, Ambling in Second Life, came by in response to my announcement on Virtual Worlds Connect. We hit it off like whoa, and did all the Twitter/Facebook/blog connecting.  Aleister’s going to be a Salon Spotlight Guest in a couple weeks, and has already given us some very nice coverage!

Alanagh stayed for the afterparty and some wonderful conversation, with many mooshy things said all around!  🙂

Next week: Grace McDunnogh on multimedia musical experiences in SL, and a live concert!  Details tomorrow!

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Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon: SL Africa

Join us this Saturday, November 24 from 1 to 3 pm SLT in the Nexus at Extropia Core for Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon: SL Africa!

Our spotlight guest will be Alanagh Recreant, founder of SL Africa, to discuss drawing Africans into synthetic worlds, synthetic world outreach and charity to African communities, and African culture in SL!

On behalf of Alanagh, please take note of this press release, and do what you can to help SL Africa!


Contact: Alanagh Recreant

Virtual Africa raises funds for real world project in Second Life with African bicycles.

[CAPE TOWN, November 12, 2007] The developers of Virtual Africa in Second Life are raising money through the [e]bizikile fundraising drive for an Opportunity Centre in a Cape Town community for unemployed job seekers. From 15 November through the upcoming festive season, residents can purchase virtual African bicycles designed by Shukran Fahid of !BooPeRFunK! for L$250 and next year, participate in a grid-wide virtual bike-a-thon.

“The Opportunity Centre is a revamped cow shed that we need to equip with computers, office resources and mentors to assist job seekers, small entrepreneurs and community members in making their own way out of poverty by actively pursuing their dreams,” said Dorette Steenkamp, co-executive director of Uthango Social Investments, a South African charity working with more than 12,000 people living in poverty. “The [e]bizikile fundraising event is meant to bring attention to how bicycles fit into the economy in African cities and rural towns.”

Second Life residents will also have the option to donate funds to purchase a real life bicycle that will then be bought by the Uthango for a school learner in rural Africa. Photos and interviews of the beneficiary will be streamed back into SL during 2008.

Steenkamp, whose avatar is Alanagh Recreant in Second Life, is working with co-executive director Erna Sittig who is Enakai Ultsch in the popular 3-dimensional virtual world. Through their NGO Uthango Social Investments, they are building Virtual Africa in Second Life as an orientation ‘island’ to serve as an entry point for Africans to participate in virtual worlds as well to build international awareness of Africa and the issues faced by the continent’s people.

“We are encouraging African stakeholders to participate in virtual worlds for networking and commerce as well as educational and fundraising initiatives,” said Ultsch. “Virtual Africa is only one of a number of initiatives we are implementing to help generate economic development and growth at a local level, but it is the first African nonprofit initiative in Second Life.”

The [e]bizikile fundraising event is supported by Charitable Hearts, one of the largest charity groups in Second Life advocating for the work of a few selected charities. The e]bizikile African bicycles will be available from Uthango’s office in Second Life or from dedicated affiliated businesses. Web-enabled vendors donated by Hippo Technologies will dispense the bicycles. Free vendors are still available to interested companies, organizations or individual landowners in Second Life.

For more information about distributing or obtaining a unique African bicycle, contact Enakai Ultsch. Second Life residents can also join the [e]bizikile group or IM Alanagh Recreant for further details. To visit the Uthango offices in Second Life, go to

Uthango Social Investments is a registered charity located in Cape Town, South Africa. It is the first African-based company and NGO officially in Second Life, where it will launch VIRTUAL AFRICA in 2008. Uthango Social Investments is an investment and development company specialising in sustainable poverty eradication. It focuses on the digital divide, micro-enterprise development, intercultural dialogue, crime prevention, community mental health, and infrastructure development.

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Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon: Islamic Law & Culture in SL

Our first Salon in Extropia was another huge hit!

Aemilius Cloetens (Michel Manen) gave us deep background on the history and culture of the original Al-Andalus, which has inspired his recreation of the community in SL through the Al-Andalus Project, then cheerfully joined in a spirited, direct and always respectful discussion of Islamic law and culture, the separation of church and state, cultural imperialism and authenticity, and much more.

I’ve never been prouder or more impressed by our wonderful Salon audiences – the quality of the discussion, the mutual respect, the breadth of knowledge is just unmatched anywhere in SL. We drew 33 people, more than a third first-timers, and everyone including Aemilius had a terrific experience.

Except for our griefer, DameJuday Dench, who was swiftly evicted by our fearless Chair,


The text of Michel’s introductory remarks is available on my Extropia blog! Now that we have a place to house them on the Extropia website, we’re going to start making full transcripts of the Salons available as well.

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Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon: Islamic Law & Community in SL

Join us Saturday, November 17, from 1-3 PM SLT at our new location in Extropia Core!

Spotlight Guest Michel Manen of The Al-Andalus Caliphate Project will discuss his efforts to build an inclusive Islamic community in Second Life.

“The Al-Andalus Caliphate Project is an attempt to reconstruct 13th
Century Moor Alhambra and build around this virtual space a community
of individuals willing to explore the modalities of interaction
between different languages, nationalities, religions and cultures
shaped by authentic Islamic principles.

Those principles include political participation, separation of
powers, justice and the rule of law. Membership in the community is
open to all, regardless of sim land ownership, SL premium status,
species of avatar, gender, religion, national origin, sexual
orientation or other traditionally separatist classification, either
real or apparent. The plan is to create a system of political and
legal governance, based on notions of community self-governance,
active citizen participation, equality, dignity, social justice,
democracy and human rights. Idealistic? Absolutely. Possible? Let’s
find out.”

Michel Manen – Biographical Details

Languages spoken: English, French, German, Spanish, Romanian

RL Qualifications: BA (hons) Politics and Languages; LL.B; work on
LL.M(International Legal Studies)

RL Occupation: Teaches business law courses to undergraduate and
MBA university students; works with a law firm; founded and runs an RL
nonprofit organization whose aim is to re-think what it means to be an
active citizen in the 21st Century, in Canada , USA , and the EU
actively involved in community work through his membership in his
city’s Board of Trade; writes books and articles on law and politics;
appears regularly as a television political commentator on the
Multicultural Channel of his home city.

Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon is:

  • a weekly discussion event held in the community of Extropia, in which all are encouraged to join in discussion with the Spotlight Guest on a topic of broad interest.
  • All views are welcome, while tolerance and civility are strictly enforced.

Extropia is an:

  • exemplar of the future we want, *today,* where technology is used exuberantly in the service of beauty and fun,
  • exaltation of exquisite design, where exotic experimentation is ever expected,
  • exhilarating haven for creative expression – in architecture, social relations, sexuality, artistic and technological media,
  • exclusive shelter from the mass and the crass, with the best technical and social protections from griefing, harassment and vulgarity,
  • execration of extinct ideas and aesthetics, exemplified by consumerism, control and post-apocalyptic nihilism, and an
  • experiential community of collaboration and cooperation, with events and exhibitions to expand our social networks and explore the power of creative synthesis.
  • SLURL: Extropia Core

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Extropia Launched!

At noon today, Extropia Chair Galatea Gynoid declared The Technocratic City-State of Extropia founded, and open to immigrants. We raised the Flag for the first time as the Anthem played, then celebrated with fireworks and dancing all night long!

We particularly welcomed our first Ambassadorial visit, from Vicereine Kamilah Hauptmann of Caledon – which is not to say we loved any of our 46 guests over 7+ hours any less!

Special thanks to those who made the event a success:

– dandellion Kimban, for gifts for the guests, and help above and beyond the call of duty,
–  DJ Nicki Petrichor, for donating nearly four hours of magnificent music, conversation and fun,
–  Cybergrrl Oh for the official Extropia t shirts

Text of the Chair’s Speech on the Founding of Extropia

Galatea Gynoid: Good afternoon.
Ali Hermes claps
Vannesh Cannoli claps demurely 🙂
iAlja Writer: good evening for some of us 🙂
Galatea Gynoid: My name is Galatea, and as Chair of the Extropia Board of Directors, I’d like to thank you all for coming, and welcome you to Extropia.
Peer Infinity tries to clap, but ends up not making any sound with these arms
Galatea Gynoid: Extropia is a vision of a future community, but more importantly, Extropia is a community vision of the future.
Vidal Tripsa: (Hi, Simon!)
dandellion Kimban: LOL
Galatea Gynoid: Most futuristic sims in SL have a dark vision of the future.
Simonetos Ventura: oh here you are
Simonetos Ventura: lol
Galatea Gynoid: Look for future visions in SL, and you’re likely to find yourself in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, or a grim, cyberpunk dystopia.
Galatea Gynoid: These may be fun places to visit, but if you’re like me, you wouldn’t want to live there.
Galatea Gynoid: Here, we believe the future is bright. We’re positive!
Sophrosyne Stenvaag applaudds
Galatea Gynoid: There are some who say we currently live in a golden age.
Argent Bury beams and applauds
iAlja Writer cheers
Ali Hermes nods
Peer Infinity applauds – using actual hands this time
Galatea Gynoid: Perhaps, but we don’t believe we live at the height of a golden age. We live at the dawn of a golden age.
CyFishy Traveler nods.
Galatea Gynoid: We’ve seen the pre-dawn light. Now it’s time to witness the first rays of the sun as it comes over the horizon.
Galatea Gynoid: This is our future.
Galatea Gynoid: Not a blasted wasteland, but a shiny city on the sea.
Galatea Gynoid: Not an oppressive dystopia, but a techno-utopia, where all people, be they natural, augmented, or aritifical, are free.
Galatea Gynoid: *artificial
Extropia DaSilva: Hmm..Hate to point it out but current trends certainly do not rule out our world becoming a wasteland.
Galatea Gynoid: A place where the cake is not a lie. In Extropia, you can have your cake. 😉
Vidal Tripsa: All the more reason to try for shininess, Extro! 🙂
Argent Bury listens intently to Gala’s speech
Galatea Gynoid: WE will rule out that possibility.
Extropia DaSilva: We are in a race against time. Between human ingenuity and the trasnscending of our broken systems, and the mounting pollution caused by our contemporary industries…but I will shut up now. Sorry.
Vannesh Cannoli TRIES to hear what Gala is saying
Galatea Gynoid: We will build a friendly place we can live and work together in. A networked community, expanding, growing, becoming…
Galatea Gynoid: …becoming something greater than all of us.
Galatea Gynoid: For, you see, we are each nodes in a growning network.
Galatea Gynoid: As we said the other day: We are the Internet.
Galatea Gynoid: We are the community.
Galatea Gynoid: And with each added node, the network grows, becoming something greater.
Galatea Gynoid: We are Extropia. We are the future. And we’re positive!
Argent Bury cheers and claps
Vidal Tripsa cheers.
Galatea Gynoid: Welcome to the future. Thank you all for coming.
Sophrosyne Stenvaag applauds
dandellion Kimban: &me applaudds
Lex Berchot: yay!! *woo*
Ali Hermes applauds
iAlja Writer applauds
Peer Infinity aplauds enthusiasticly
Ali Hermes: Very nice dear.
Anisa Naumova: Hoooo!
The Nexus awaits its first visitors The Nexus awaits its first visitors
Guests arrive Guests arrive
Chair Galatea Gynoid declares Extropia launched Chair Galatea Gynoid declares Extropia launched
Flag raised, Anthem played, for the first time Flag raised, Anthem played, for the first time
The celebration begins! The celebration begins!
Extropia Core by fireworks-light! Extropia Core by fireworks-light!
Party! Party!
A glorious and historical evening! A glorious and historical evening!

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